The surgeon forgot the needle in the patient’s body and killed him

A man from the U.S. died after a surgeon left a needle in his chest. According to relatives, the unfortunate death was a very slow and painful, he was getting worse during the whole month.

73-year-old resident of Lafayette, Tennessee John burns Johnson died one month after the holding of open heart surgery in the hospital, TriStar Centennial. The operation lasted 9 hours, spent her surgeon Dr. Srikumar Subramanian. After completion of the procedure, the physician found that not all of the needle is located on the tray. After that, the surgeon re-opened the patient, which took another 3 hours until the mountain-the surgeon was looking for a lost needle. Unfortunately, he found her, but was not able to remove and correct the medical error.

In the lawsuit States that the surgeon re-sutured the chest of Johnson, leaving the needle inside. After that, the patient’s condition within the next 30 days has continued to deteriorate. In the end, it became critical. In this John Johnson was not able to leave the hospital and return home. Well, she is ill-fated the needle was removed from his body only during the autopsy. The relatives of the victim say that his monthly agony was painful, painful, and completely optional.

The hospital TriStar has released a statement which said that they are very seriously the care of all patients, while the grief of the relatives of the Johnson they are well understood. On the website of the hospital surgeon Subramanian is 5 stars, the highest. Against him was not filed until even a disciplinary investigation. (READ MORE)