Beauty contest for the first time a participant in hijab

Beauty contest in the UK for the first time a participant in hijab. It will be 20-year-old law student.

In Western Europe remains rather ambiguous attitude to some norms of Islamic dress code, but until recently, there was no one main beauty contest of the country, participants would wear the hijab. And now at the prestigious contest “Miss England” finals will be 20-year-old Sarah Iftekhar English Huddersfield, which will take the stage in hijab. The girl is studying law at the University of Huddersfield, she decided to take part in the competition and compete against 49 other hopefuls.

With Pakistani roots Sarah could theoretically win the “Miss England” and then go to the beauty contest “Miss World”, which will be held in the Chinese city of Sanya on 8 December. A talented student who moonlights as an expert on makeup, quite often posts on his own page in Instagram pictures in different outfits. She stated that she believes the stunning opportunity to participate in one of the most prestigious beauty contests.

Millions of women in different Islamic countries wear hijabs that cover the head and neck but allow you to open the face. Sarah Iftekhar wrote on crowdfunding platform that takes part in a beauty contest to show that “beauty does not have any definitions, and any woman, regardless of clothing, race, religion and age can be beautiful.” It is difficult to imagine that the girl took part in a traditional pose in swimsuits, since she adheres to a strict dress code. (READ MORE)