Found a way to distinguish fatal from non-fatal cancer

How to understand who from diagnosed cancer patients, facing death, and who will not? It seems that researchers from the medical centre of mount Sinai in new York have been able to find the answer to this question. Experts have learned to distinguish between dormant and deadly oncolite in humans, stating that the chances of survival depend on the availability of one protein.

Scientists have found that certain nutrients that tumors can cause metastasis in the bone marrow that kills patients. In particular, they were able to ensure that the imminent death of cancer patients people after diagnosis was associated with the absence or too low a concentration in the onkokletok NR2F1 protein. In turn, its essential content in cancer cells has made them sleeping, that is, not a killer.

“The high concentration of this element in cancer cells reduced the risk of metastasis,” said the authors.
According to them, the lack of NR2F1 protein is a kind of signal to doctors that a patient with cancer is at particular risk and needed additional measures therapy. First of all, this principle is true for breast cancer patients, noted in the study report. The results of this work is published on the website MedicalXpress.

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