Turia Pitt Opens Up About Her Experience With Motherhood

Inspirational burns survivor, author and motivation speaker, Turia Pitt, has given an intimate insight into her life as a new mum.

Sharing some candid revelations in her weekly newsletter, the 30-year-old said she’d been taking time to jot down some words about her experience as a new mum to her baby boy Hakavai – who she called Hak.

“I don’t want to forget this time, and writing has felt good,” Turia revealed, explaining that she wanted to share some of her words with her followers.

She went on to talk about one particular incident with her newborn bub.

“You were screaming uncontrollably.

 I’d checked your nappy, checked if you were too hot or too cold. Tried to feed you. Tried a dummy on you.

 Your little face was screwed up and red and when you cried all I could see was your gums.


“My poor darling. What’s bothering you?

 I took you out onto the balcony and held you and we both looked at the black cockatoos and listened to the ocean.


Turia said that she then started to sing to her son – a Bob Marley song.

“Rise up this morning

Smiled with the rising sun

Three little birds

Pitch by my doorstep

Singing sweet songs

Of melodies pure and true

Saying: this is my message to you”

My love for you is illimitable ?

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“And you looked right at me.
 And you smiled.
 And you laughed.

 As if to say: ‘Mum, don’t worry. Everything’s gonna be alright,” Turia wrote

“So now, whenever I’m stressed, overwhelmed, anxious or just flustered as f***, I pick you up, sing that song, breathe in your intoxicating scent and remind myself not to get too far ahead of right here, right now.

“Stay in the moment Turia, and enjoy each and every one of them.”

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