Special molecules can help in the fight against brain tumors

Specific molecules able to help people in the process of combating brain tumors. This is the conclusion reached by researchers from the University of Beijing in Chinapart of the special studies.

Scientists during the scientific work found unique molecules that are able to help treat and stop cancer of the brain. These cells are able to recognize and destroy harmful proteins that cause tumors in the brain. Themselves the experiments were conducted on flies. Experts say that the study could be the basis for a new approach in the treatment of brain tumors.

According to statistics from cancer of the brain is the most common disease on Earth, which leads in most cases to death.

At the moment scientists know that most multicellular organisms use cellular signaling unilateral biological pathways of Notch, which are important for embryo development. Critical to balance is the correct installation and maintenance of these paths. As explained by experts, excessive activity in neurons precursors Notch, which is responsible for the signal and psilosis stem cells of neurons can lead to a large production of these cells that trigger the tumor.

To date, scientists could not establish a molecular mechanism, which is able to prevent abnormal signals and, as a consequence of tumor development. Was carried out biochemical and genetic tests for the study of stem cellsof neuroblastoma of the brain. The result was foundretromania complexes responsible for the regulation of transmission paths Notch proteins to neurons precursors.