Sad to go: how not to fall into melancholy in the autumn

Freewheeling weakness, drowsiness and depression? Stopped to meet up with friends and lost interest to work? Nothing surprising, typical symptoms of the autumn Blues. Tell how to prevent this disorder or to overcome it with minimal losses.

1. Set up mode

There’s no scientific consensus about the causes of the autumn Blues, but one way or another, all the hypotheses rest on the deficiency of sunlight. Therefore, the first step to solving a problem is to Wake up early. Try to get out of the house before 10 am: so you get the maximum amount of sun.

To overcome the force of gravity of bed, you need to properly prepare for bed: to air the bedroom and put away the gadgets. And, you can buy a dawn simulator: this is a special lamp that mimics sunrise. It reduces the level of melatonin – the sleep hormone, and the body wakes up without violence.

2. Take a course of light therapy

Light treatment doesn’t sound serious, but it is a powerful tool to combat psychological disorders. It is prescribed, even during clinical depression.

The point of therapy to 15-30 minutes a day to spend under a special bright lamps. Due to this, in the body there are the same processes as under the sunlight: drowsiness goes away, the mood rises, you receive a charge of vivacity. However, some scientists believe that it is only symptomatic treatment and the real causes of depression lie deeper.

3. Deal with problems in the head

Often autumnal depression is due to negative thoughts: again, rain, cold, lots of work and the holidays are still far away If you constantly scroll through these thoughts, you can bring yourself to neurotic state. Get rid of this habit, and if not, contact your doctor. He will prescribe a course of psychotherapy or antidepressants.

4. Sports

In fact, it should be done all year round but in the autumn the need for training is particularly high. Serotonin is sorely lacking, and the desire to eat chocolate or a muffin becomes simply irresistible – it’s time to buy a subscription to a gym. There is the level of happiness hormones increase, and the extra calories will burn.

Especially effective workout in the fresh air – scientists from Harvard University have proved that they help restore psychological health and increase the activity.

5. Follow the diet

Man gets from the sunlight vitamin D. the Fall in Central Russia, not solar, so this vitamin must be extracted from food. Add in the diet of marine fish, beef liver, dairy products, eggs.

6. Refer to a specialist

From autumn Blues fairly non-specific symptoms, so it is easy to confuse with another disorder. For example, with depression. If the fall occurs for you particularly hard, and none of our advice does not help, make an appointment with the therapist. Perhaps it and not fall at all.

7. Get distracted by something nice

Try to be distracted by something pleasant. For example, the play-fortuna online portal offers its users hundreds of games from leading developers.

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