Playing tennis will help you live 10 years longer

If you want to live longer, start playing tennis. Scientists believe that this sport can add 10 years of life.

Regularly playing tennis people can live 10 years longer, according to scientists from Denmark. This sport is more effective in increasing life expectancythan Cycling, running or swimming. Experts believe that tennis is good for its social aspects, i.e., communication between the players themselves. Science has long known that practicing regular physical activity people in General are living longer. And now, studies involving 8 600 residents of Copenhagen have shown that social sports that require more sociability, bring additional benefits.

It turned out that the tennis fans can expect to live 9.7 years longer than those who do not play sports. Hobbies badminton prolongs life by 6.2 years, and football for 5 years. But those sports that involve a single workout is not as effectively impact on life expectancy. For example, cyclists live on average 3.7 years longer swimmers at 3.4 years longer, and running enthusiasts – a total of 3.2 years longer.

The main advantage of physical activity is their ability to increase heart rate. But the strengthening of the heart muscle, as it turns out, is not the only advantage of the sport. Physical activity also needs to make people more sociable, because social contacts are very useful for health and longevity. (READ MORE)