Lover biting his nails, cut off finger

Doctors were forced to amputate part of the finger to this student after that it formed a skin cancer. The reason for his appearance was in the habit of biting your nails.

20-year-old Australian University student Courtney a whit was forced to agree to the amputation of part of finger after she faced a rare type of skin cancer because of the habit of nail biting. 20-year-old girl had developed this unhealthy habit, usually occurring in the nervous system, once it began to slack off in school. In some cases, the girl nagged even fully trimmed nails. In some periods it nails black that frightened Courtney, but she still preferred to chew on them, and the tips of his fingers to hide from friends and family.

In the end, this psychological faculty student still went to the doctor after she struck one of the fingers of a trauma that transformed into a rare skin cancer called akradina lentiginous subungual melanoma. Was diagnosed in July of last year. Since then, Courtney has gone through many operations for excision of the tumor, the aim of which was the preservation of a finger. However, doctors are unable to eliminate the source of the disease so that the resident of Brisbane was forced to remove part of a finger last week.

“When I found out that the reason of amputation of the disease is biting nails, and was just amazed, says Roots. – I repeated that I did it to myself. It was hard for me to believe. Imagine what a huge number of children and adolescents bite their nails, but in some cases it can also result in unfortunate consequences. I want them to know about my history and thought”. (READ MORE)