DNA analysis will help to choose best workout for yourself

Can a genetic test show what kind of physical activity best suits you? Commercially available kits for DNA analysis, by which we figure out whether we should run or pedal.

Jogging in the Park, eating salad and refusal of potatoes – we many are willing to go in order to maintain a slim figure. But what if the secret of that dream is not a greater quantity of physical activity, and the implementation of the most suitable for you types of them depending on genetics? This is what manufacturers rely on so-called home genetic tests. In recent years, the market for this kind of tests has started to grow rapidly and it is expected that it will be measured in billions of dollars in the next 4 years. Today in some pharmacies we can get genetic tests for any purpose, ranging from tips on skin care and ending with the search for the ideal partner depending on DNA.

Fitness-DNA tests – this is something new. They appeared in Western pharmacies recently. Like all other home tests, these kits require you to mail a sample of genetic material – most often it is just scraping from the inside of the cheeks. Scraping sent to the lab, there is performed a genetic analysis on the basis of which recommendations about choosing the perfect exercise. The British journalist decided to test this test and sent their blood samples to the lab. From there it got quite detailed recommendations.

So, with the help of 7 different genes he calculated recovery time after exercise based on indicators of inflammation and oxidative stress. It turned out that the man needs to rest for at least 48 hours, not day. We also found out that he has a risk of damage to the soft tissue above the average. This means that most productive will be short in duration and more intense exercise rather than long runs and workouts with heavy weights. In addition, on the basis of these tests are given and recommendations for diets. For example, be careful to consume refined carbohydrates like bread and pasta, and to pay more attention to the squirrels. (READ MORE)