Amazing medicine back to life hopelessly ill with cancer

This man is living proof that the doctors finally found the secret weapon of victory over cancer. His life was saved after all the current treatment was ineffective.

72-year-old retired electrician Michael English from the English County of Surrey can be considered living proof that medicine has discovered the secret to defeating cancer. 13 years ago he first was diagnosed with aggressive cancer of the prostate with metastases. Since then, Michael has started long-term treatment, and every time the doctors tried the most recent achievements of medicine, including hormones, medications, radiotherapy and chemotherapy. The tumor was able to push back, but she came back. At some time the tumor disappeared, but since 2005 cancer given relapses four times because the tumor cells somehow avoided exposure to the most advanced medicines and techniques.

Cancer did it through DNA mutations and the use of a new genetic set that showed resistance to all used methods of treatment. In the end, Michael was advised to get the nurses from hospice, which would help it to brighten up the last week of life and make them as painless as possible. Conventional medicine throwing in the towel – it is very common for many cancer patients story. But in the case of Michael there was a real miracle because he was helped by immunotherapy.

Scientists have discovered that whenever DNA of a cancer mutate, they create a biological characteristic of fingerprint. And our immune system can learn to recognize them, to attack and destroy so that the cancer never returned. Last year, Michael took part in a clinical trial of a new drug within the framework of immunotherapy at the Institute of cancer research in London. They injected him with a drug called pembrolizumab. By the time the patient was in the last stages of cancer, he was not able to move independently. However, the treatment gave amazing results. The man rose to his feet and got rid of all malignancies. (READ MORE)