The secret to a happy and healthy old age is a rod

If you want to live longer, you push heavy weight in the gym. The study showed that the owners of weak muscles 50% more likely to leave life prematurely.

Wishing to have a healthy and long old age now is the time to visit the gym and do heavy weights and not just treadmills. The study showed that owners of powerful muscles significantly more likely to live to a very old agethan people who are unable to boast muscles. Scientists from the University of Michigan believe that to start strength training never too late. And for the elderly, they have even greater importance than for young people.

The most important thing in this study that the strength of the muscles, not their volume is fundamental to life expectancy. This is true for Russia, whose population is aging rapidly. If before three working citizens of our country had one retiree, today the ratio is 0.95% of workers per retiree. More than half of Russians over 65 years of age have any serious chronic health problems, which often allow them to get disability. Many seniors need assistance performing everyday chores.

Unfortunately, science can’t offer the man anything in order to stop the process of aging. However, the persistence of physical strength is due to regular exercise much slows down natural processes and allows a longer period to preserve independence in the elderly, which plays a very significant role in the evaluation of the quality of life of the pensioner. And an increasing number of studies come to the conclusion that the importance is not only aerobic exercise like Jogging and Hiking, but also power. (READ MORE)