Called easy way of turning children into honors

Well-rested children get the highest grades in school. That is why in California are going to move the start time of the lessons.

Not receiving a sufficient number of sleepingchildren are less enrolled in school, as confirmed by another study by experts from the Centre for control and prevention of disease in the United States. Perhaps this is why California authorities are going to move the start time for the first lessons in school. Experts have found that pupils and students who sleep at least 8 hours at night, get better grades and generally do better in school. Unfortunately, more than 60% of middle school students and 70% of high school students don’t get enough sleep, which adversely affects their performance and leads to other physical and emotional disorders, including depression and abuse of substances.

Experts believe that many teenagers are “owls” by nature, their body does not produce sufficient quantities of melatonin or the hormone of drowsiness until the later time. When “owl” forced to get up early and start training at 8:00 in the morning, it affects the body negatively. Well, the negative transformirovalsya in bad grades. California Governor Jerry brown before the end of this month will decide whether to sign a law to change the start time of school at a later date.

However, experts have called the situation difficult, because to get the child to bed early is difficult. Children’s brain is not functioning as it does in adults. This is due to certain hormonal characteristics, so only one of the disciplinary measures of the child-the owl cannot be turned into a child lark. (READ MORE)