5 products that help to lose weight faster

The British magazine Daily Star has published expert guidance on how to become slimmer in a short time. According to experts, the diet should include several products – this will allow you to eat less fat and carbohydrates, but more protein.

In particular, scientists believe one of the best for weight loss Greek yogurt, resembling the consistency of cheese. It is a little fat compared to other yogurts, and it is quite filling due to the protein content.

If you do not think of Breakfast without oatmeal, then cook for her cereal, and grains. Particularly bad Breakfast of oatmeal, which contain too many additives to be useful for weight loss. Such supplements increasing appetite for more frequent use of the product.

Also, scientists are advised to regularly eat broccoli, a source of protein and fiber, potassium, vitamins C and K. once daily according to experts, you need to drink a glass of milk, which also supplies the body with valuable protein and vitamins, improves the condition of the circulatory and digestive system.

Special attention of the authors was attracted by the carbohydrates. According to the specialists of the European society of cardiology, from their use should not be ruled out too hard, as many do in their attempts to lose weight. Carbohydrates, according to the arguments of scientific experts, should be about half of all of calories. The neglect of this condition is bad for health and leads to life-shortening.

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