You often drink milk? Then you run the risk of more likely to suffer acne than others

People who drink increased milk, tends to suffer acne, as a recent study shows. Scientists have examined for a study, the data from approximately 72,000 patients. It is crucial, according to the researchers, what are the varieties of milk you consume.

In the coffee, for cereal in the Morning, as an energy – bring-Drink-milk is all over the world and consumed. But researchers have now found out that the consumption of the popular animal product could favor the emergence of acne.

The medical Ru Dai, from the First hospital in Ningbo in Eastern China and his research team subjected the data of around 72,000 patients a thorough investigation. Results: compared to individuals who consumed no milk, milk is ill drinkers are 16 percent more likely to have acne.

A particularly large increase in acne disorders could be observed in connection with skimmed milk. 24 percent of the consumers of skimmed milk suffered from acne, 14 per cent for the consumers of low-fat milk and 13 percent in those who took milk.

Connection could only be in Europe and America found

In addition to the type of milk, the quantity is crucial. Subjects who drank more than a glass of milk a day were 12 per cent more prone to acne.

The positive correlation between acne and milk consumption could only be in Europe and America demonstrated – in the regions, in which the residents eat according to Western Standards.

Now the researchers are trying to figure out which part of the milk for acne risk is crucial. As consumers of Skimmed and semi-skimmed milk, suffered more often from acne, do not accept the medical community is that the milk fat comes as a triggering factor in question. The researchers suggest that the milk could protein be the increased acne risk responsible.