Woman has cosmetic SURGERY – as your friend the end result looks, he makes the conclusion

Because of Lizzie with her body was dissatisfied, she decided to have plastic surgery. With the result, you wanted to surprise your friend. But the was anything other than enthusiastic and she left shortly thereafter.

On the Portal “Whimn” berichetete had changed the Userin Lizzie, how much plastic surgery your life. In Good times and in Bad.

For the OP, she had decided, since she was always been unhappy with their bust size. According to your statement, you hated it, “flat as a Board”. She reported that she had been teased in school since she’s never had so much breast, as the other girls.

She thought he would be the man in your life

With the end of 20 she had come to accept the fact in order to have small Breasts and was happy to have in your clothing regardless of bust size. A part of her had, however, suffered to continue under your bust. She always felt a little as if she had the figure of a boy.

As you learned in the past year, their partners Michael, she thought that he would be exactly the right man for you. She dreamed, even after a short time of a wedding, and he loved her, just like she was.

Lizzie told anyone of the OP

After the six months were together, inherited Lizzie money from her grandmother. Before her death she had instructed Lizzie to do something with it, what would make your fun. Just something for themselves. And Lizzie knew exactly what that would be.

She wanted a breast enlargement to perform and planned the Operation without telling anyone. She dropped her Breasts to a B-Cup to zoom in and was very happy with the result.

Michael was visibly shocked

Your friend show your new body, when the scars were healed, she then claims she had the flu and for a few weeks, withdrawn.

When she had met Michael then with their new Tits, he would have been visibly shocked and confused. Lizzie told him then what she had done, and that you have to do it for themselves.

He didn’t want to have Sex

Michael to you and say hugs, you look great, but he also found in front of it beautifully. Him had found her small Breasts, never anything and he would find it very sad that you have to have your Breasts had to operate, in order to feel as a “real woman”. Also he is not supposed to have that night to sleep with her. He claimed it was because he wanted to, that she would recover.

From then on, the relationship, and Lizzie has changed, however, felt that Michael distanced himself from her. In the beginning, he should not be moved with the language, but one day he had confessed to her that he could do nothing against his negative feelings, which would be come since your Op.

“Shows me that you’re the woman I kept you”

“I thought you were a strong, self-confident woman who feels comfortable in their own skin and not apologised for it, and who she is. That is why I found you so attractive,“ he said to her. “That you needed the surgery, to be able to use your body to accept it, shows me that you’re the woman I’ve held you. And I was hoping I could see over it, but I can’t, it wrote,“ Michael, how Lizzie.

Michael wished, apparently, that everything would be as before, but he couldn’t, which is why the relationship for him did not work. Lizzie would never have considered in order to allow the implants to remove it, because someone wished that you would love as she was. You will not regret your decision today, even if she sometimes wonders what would have happened if you would have used the money her grandmother for a holiday.