Three important steps to ensure that the hangover was not

With the onset of autumn approach us and traditional autumn-winter holidays, accompanied by a storm of parties. The experts identified three steps that will allow you to completely avoid a hangover.

We have all heard that to prevent a hangover you should drink more water along with alcohol. However, this is not the only reliable way to protect against symptoms of poisoning by alcohol. You should start another stage of preparation for the Banquet or party. In other words, abundantly to supply the water necessary in the morning of the day scheduled meal, and not at the time of the Banquet. Best to the body received not only conventional, but also coconut water. In addition, the diet should include more protein and fat, which protects the stomach from side effects of alcohol.

When the Banquet ended, and you have to move home, refrain from the temptation to eat something else. Especially if you are drawn to some meat dishes. Better hunger pangs occur if you suppress fruit. Especially those that contain a lot of fructose, like grapes or apples. Fructose is a type of sugar that helps the liver get rid of alcohol more efficiently.

Needless to say that after the Banquet you need a very good night’s sleep. The next day, don’t forget to brush your teeth and take a shower. Massage yourself with a loofah as thoroughly as possible to enhance the blood circulation processes, which are necessary for getting rid of alcohol. Add a little beet to the Breakfast to support the liver. An excellent drink against hangover is a cocktail of 200 ml of water, 100 ml coconut water 100 ml orange juice and a pinch of sea salt. (READ MORE)