10 proven ways to get rid of a hangover

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The symptoms of a hangover

How to get rid of a hangover

Hangover prevention

If you at least once in life was really drunk, the next morning, must have experienced the symptoms of a hangover. How to get rid of it, will be discussed in our material.

The symptoms of a hangover

Often the hangover comes after a long binge, but even one night in the arms of a strong or poor alcohol can lead to disastrous consequences. The symptoms of a hangover include:

  • Headaches;
  • Nausea;
  • Vomiting or gag reflex;
  • Weakness;
  • Fever;
  • Trembling (tremor) of the hands or feet;
  • Palpitations.

A hangover is called the result of a complete poisoning of the human body, which comes from intoxication while drinking alcohol overdose of alcohol. Alcohol is dangerous not only this, but also because it can cause dependence. Then the hangover will definitely be provided.

How to get rid of a hangover

People are trying to find their own methods of curing a hangover. Sometimes these methods are even passed down from generation to generation. Alcoholics are trying to get rid of a hangover at the first symptoms. But it is important to have a person who will help the patient to cope with this disease. Sometimes people with a hangover may not even be aware of their own actions. In the case of severe symptoms it is better to consult a doctor-narcologist and treatment of a person in the hospital. But at home it is possible to cope with a hangover.

Take a contrast shower

Doctors first suggest to take a contrast shower, as the water will help the body to Wake up. However, she needs to be sharply cold, then hot.

Drink plenty of fluids

As during the consumption of alcohol is intoxication and dehydration, it is necessary to fill with fluid. Also along with the water from the body washed out the useful minerals, including potassium, sodium and magnesium. For this reason, a so-called pain in muscles and joints. To get rid of this symptom will help clean the water that you should drink in small SIPS. It is best to drink a glass every half hour. You can also use juice, but not soda. The same can be said about coffee, which only worsens the human condition.

Recipes from a hangover

Hangover takes infusion of mint. 20 drops to add to a glass of water, then mix and drink in small SIPS.

No less useful is ammonia. You need to add five drops in a glass of clean water and drink in small SIPS.

Potassium permanganate is also useful in the treatment of hangover symptoms. Dilute a small amount in water, but be careful. The manganese crystals have completely dissolved, otherwise it may cause burns to mucous membranes.

Use a decoction of cinnamon, to get rid of nausea and vomiting. For the broth take a teaspoon of cinnamon powder, dissolve it in a Cup of boiling water and then drink no more than one glass at a time.

Eat fruits and vegetables

It is recommended to consume plenty of fruits and vegetables, especially those that contain vitamin C. ascorbic acid can help in relief from the hangover and effects of alcohol binge.

Eat the berries

Berries — cranberries, currants and cranberries are also effective AIDS in the treatment of a hangover. You need to eat at least three tablespoons of berries to get rid of a hangover.

Don’t eat too much

It is recommended to eat light soups, low-fat soups, you can even eat the soup. Also a great tool can become a thick porridge, for example oatmeal that will gently envelop the stomach and restore the environment. You can also eat liquid yogurt, but without the flavorings.

Drink the brine

Since ancient times people to get rid of hangover symptoms, use the brine from sauerkraut. It contains the following components, which are derived resulting in the breakdown of ethanol poisons and toxic substances.

You can also use a neck compress with brine. You can also boil half a liter of cabbage juice with a small amount of sugar. This mixture should drink in small SIPS throughout the hours in small SIPS.

By the way, in order that the hangover does not occur, you can prepare for the feast. To do this, eat a couple of cabbage leaves. Due to such a popular recipe to get rid of morning headache, accumulation of toxins, nausea and swelling. And on the table during a party often hold the coleslaw or sauerkraut, as it helps to cope with various consequences of alcohol exposure.

Use anti-hangover remedies

In pharmacies you can find a huge quantity of medicines intended for the treatment of hangover. Just remember that they have their contraindications, so their intake should be treated very carefully.

Make an enema

In an extreme case a method of alleviating symptoms of a hangover can be enema. It can be used with a weak solution of manganese or lemon.

Consult your doctor

Remember that a hangover is a kind of disease. Therefore, it is advisable to appeal to the specialist. This is necessary in case if the symptoms are too strong and none of the methods mentioned above can’t help you.

Hangover prevention

There are a number of ways in which only intensify hangover symptoms. So try to avoid fusels and other by-products of distilling alcohol (moonshine, home brew and other drinks). Low-quality alcohol also add contributions to your condition in the morning.

Flavoring additive to alcoholic beverage greatly increase a hangover. For example, whiskey causes more severe hangover than vodka, and dark beer is stronger in this regard compared to lighter classes.

Sweet cocktails also can be hangover as they contain sugar. Another factor in hangovers is nicotine. Smoking during alcohol in the evening more often leads to a hangover.

While drinking alcohol need to eat better fatty foods to alcohol did not get in an empty stomach. You also need to drink more liquid to avoid dehydration. But be careful when drinking orange juice and citrus fruits, as they can worsen the condition.

Also remember that copious amounts of alcohol leads to disastrous consequences. Know the measure during parties, so as not to bring themselves to adverse conditions.