The tuberculosis case in the würzburg clinic: Now, about 200 patients for Blood draw must

Because a member of staff of the University hospital Würzburg is ill with tuberculosis, with a decrease in the authorities, some 200 of the patients blood and possible infection check.

The patients had the Diseased from the beginning to the end of September of this year, contact, will be contacted and the procedure to follow information on how the district office and the clinic said on Thursday.

From mid-November to the blood tests are to take place. Only eight weeks after a possible contact with the sick employee, the tuberculosis bacteria can be seen, – stated in the message. Also for the potentially affected colleagues at the University hospital of studies were planned. The employee will be treated in the hospital now as a Patient.

The infectious disease tuberculosis can affect various organs of the human body. Most frequently the lung is affected, said the würzburg University hospital. Include typical symptoms, therefore, a long-lasting cough, pain when Breathing, fatigue and unintended weight loss.