The substance was found to detect cancerous tumors at an early stage

In the Novosibirsk Institute of inorganic chemistry found the contrast needed for MRI, which can detect tumors at an early stage at the temperature. The work carried out together with “Institute of genetics and Cytology”, Novosibirsk tomography center and Polytechnic University in Tomsk, Russia.

“It was already known that in the case of certain types of cancer in the tissue of cancerous tumors the local temperature above the share or even entire degree. Because measuring the local temperature able to help in the early detection anabaena and also some inflammation,” – said Sergey Babailov, working in the Institute of inorganic chemistry.

Often substance for MRI were compounds of gadolinium. Interestingly, they do not respond to the temperature rise of certain parts of the body.

Rare earth metals, which are explored in the IIC, including holmium and terbium, are recorded on an MRI. Experts noted that today in the diagnosis of local temperature increase is recorded using the IR camera and thermal imager.

Suitable contrast agents may measure the temperature at any depth. “This situation is confirmed Aviakompania conducted imaging experiments with mice “Institute of genetics and Cytology,” added the scientists.

Thus, in the publication the authors mentioned that the new materials that must enter into the composition of substances, it is necessary to make stable. In addition, to exclude the effect of other factors, which, for example, is the acid-alkaline composition of the bodies going through these combinations of chemical signals.