The most dangerous place in the airports

Researchers from Finland, representing the national Institute of social security and healthcare, announced that can ruin the health of people in the airport. Their work told The Independent.

The majority of people becoming ill after air travel, blaming the air conditioning on Board the aircraft, but in reality, the researchers note, most often, the infection occurs before boarding.

After removing the samples from the surfaces of those items of airport Helsinki, which especially frequently touched by passengers, the sponsors have established the dirtiest and the most dangerous to human health are plastic containers in the zones where to put personal belongings and shoes travelers. According to the verdict of scientists, these containers are more infectious than toilet seats in a public toilet.

“Every day in each of the containers touch the order of several hundred passengers. Containers represent the greatest danger, but touching them is inevitable”, – stated the specialists.
The researchers added that half of all malicious viruses that have been discovered by them in checking in at the airport, was it on the plastic containers used during the inspection at customs.

Prior to this, scientists from the American College of cardiology suggested that a seat by the window significantly increases the risk of developing deep vein thrombosis than a place near the aisle. It turned out that passengers sitting at the window, at least get up and stretch, in order not to disturb our neighbors. But prolonged sitting impairs blood flow and promotes the formation of blood clots.

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