Sweet death: a Supplement to the food provokes cancer

Dangerous element found in most tasty foods.

We are talking about the dye E129, which serves as a flavor enhancer. It is also called “bright red”, or Red 40.

Dietary Supplement makes sweets even sweeter, however, provokes a number of diseases, including cancer. To such conclusion the American scientists that explored people’s reactions to the dyes. According to experts, irreparable harm can cause health food Supplement red.

In scientific work it is said that E129 is the result of refining, writes argumenti.ru.

Powerful carcinogen is contained in soda, jellies, cakes, jellies, Breakfast cereals. You should be careful and berry ice cream, warns “the suburbs today.”

At best, according to doctors, “charming red” will cause allergies in the worst – hyperactivity, nervousness and even deadly cancer.