New mortal danger from inhaling dirty air

What is the impact of polluted air on the human body? By posing this question, scientists from the Asian University in Taichung city has been able to establish that existence in ecologically unfavorable in this respect the situation is fraught with the emergence of oral cancer.

As reported in the journal BMJ, a new study by Taiwanese scientists shows that the high content in the air of dust particles, fumes, and other dangerous aerosol compounds destroys the human body. While toxic substances can harm not only easy, they also attack the mouth. Scientists gathered data on the health of half a million urban residents, and found that several thousand people during the project went to the hospital with suspected neoplasms in the oral cavity.

Also, experts have discovered from oral cancer more often affects the inhabitants of cities, especially among the population of the most contaminated cities. This category of citizens had a 43% higher risk of this type of cancer, estimate the researchers.

According to who, over 80 percent residents of large cities breathe air in which the concentration of contaminants exceeds all acceptable norms. In turn, the CPS data show that in Russian the air repeatedly recorded elevated content of such hazardous chemical components as hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, benzene, formaldehyde and others. These toxic substances tend to accumulate in the body.

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