Men survive worse in many types of cancer

Men survive worse in some types of cancer, according to a new Australian study, the results of which were opublikowaniu the journal Cancer Causes Control.

Scientists have found that men have lower five-year survival rate than women, for cancer of the head and neck, esophagus, colon, rectum, pancreas, lung, bone, melanoma, mesothelioma, and cancer of the kidney, thyroid and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma (NHL).

However, in women, the survival rates were lower than in men, with cancer of the bladder, renal pelvis or ureter.

Researchers from the Council for the study of cancer in Victoria (Cancer Council Victoria) and the University of Melbourne (University of Melbourne) to define the survival rates at 25 tiparraca. For 12 types of cancer were not found differences between the sexes relative survival rate.

The sex of the person, as shown by previous studies, is an important factor in predicting the development of certain cancers, but until now has not carried out many large-scale studies to determine the degree of survival among the different sexes.

Australian researchers examined data on 240 801 773 men and 173 women from the registry of the state of Victoria for oncological diseases for the period from 1982 to 2015.

The researchers excluded while non-melanoma skin cancer, types of cancer, characteristic of a particular sex, breast cancer and cancers registered after the autopsy.

The researchers found that the five-year survival in 25 types of cancer in men was 13% lower than that of women.

The study’s lead author Nina Afshar (Afshar Nina) argues that men have worse survival rates for many cancers, especially in middle age.

According to her, there are some theories explaining this phenomenon, which take into account differences in stage of cancer diagnosis and lifestyle, but their confirmation requires further research, which would help to improve the survival rates for both sexes.

The definition and understanding of the complex mechanisms underlying the differences in survival between sexes will help implement effective measures to reduce inequality and increase survival, both among men and among women, says Afshar.

Dmitry Kolesnik