Lung specialist doctors warn against E-cigarettes

About the Benefits and risks of E-cigarettes, scientists and medical experts are not in agreement. Some of you consider to be an appropriate means to stop Smoking. Others warn of the yet under-researched risks. German lung experts of the German society for pneumology and respiratory medicine (DGP) are of the opinion that those Who switch from the conventional tobacco cigarette on the E cigarette, merely replaces one Addiction with another.

Not only been in the USA several people became ill after the use of E-cigarettes to an acute respiratory failure ( reported and some of these patients died, warns the DGP prior to the use of E-cigarettes, especially by young people. Studies have already shown that the students, the cigarettes use E-grip also more likely to conventional cigarette. "The industry of advertising on the Lifestyle factor and speaks to young people in particular, for the E-cigarette is a low-threshold entry-level offer in the nicotine addiction darstellen", Professor Dr. med says. Michael Pfeifer, President of the DGP. Also, for reasons of protection of minors, the expert calls, therefore, for a complete prohibition of advertising in both traditional tobacco and E-cigarette.

The electronic evaporator are erroneously reputed to be considerably less harmful than traditional tobacco cigarettes. However, the fact is that, depending on the E-cigarette style, and the composition of the used Liquids quite harmful substances, including respiratory irritant such as propylene glycol, a carcinogenic substances such as formaldehyde and partially harmful metals such as lead and chromium, and nicotine are inhaled. Of the used aromatic substances, and a variety of health hazards also. "The long-term consequences of the use of E-cigarettes can at present not yet fully assessed. The previous findings show, however, that these devices can provide significant health risk. Therefore, it is of the cigarette industry is reckless and irresponsible, E cigarette as a harmless, modern Alternative to verkaufen", Pfeifer says.

European lung specialist doctors in a recent comment against trivialising the risks of E-cigarettes. "Who recommends E-cigarettes for Smoking cessation is to misunderstand the study location. E-cigarettes are harmful to health, and therefore, as a weaning aid completely ungeeignet", Professor Dr. med says. Tobias Welte, Past-President of the European Respiratory Society (ERS). The most sensible way to permanently without nicotine to get along, are the experts according to a structured Smoking cessation programs.



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