Little toe broken? So if you create the correct Association

Your little toe is blue, that hurts, and can only to a limited extent, to move? These are signs that the small toe is broken. Here you will learn what to do in the case.

The most common toe fracture is, in fact, the fracture of the small toe. It usually happens when you come to the edge of the bed, on the chair or on the table leg and the small toe to the ring toe off teases.

With the help of a x-Ray the doctor can determine the Form in which the toe is broken. Depending on choosing between different treatment options. The most common method of treatment is the fixation of the toe with a tape bandage. Precondition: It is an open fracture and the toe is not deformed completely.

First aid for a broken small toe

Who can not immediately go to the doctor, you can manage with the following instructions first.

You will need:

  • A cold compress
  • medical Tape
  • one to two cotton pads


Your toe is swollen, the nail or the whole toe run bluish and hurts any movement, then you should cool the little toe as quickly as possible. Place the cold compress directly on the skin, but wrap them in a towel. This prevents further swelling and speeds up healing.


You can then tape the little toe. For this, fold the cotton pad and place it to the toe between the affected small toe and the neighboring Ring.

After that, you should fix the two toes with the help of a roofing tile Association. Roof tile in the shape of the Association is, because the surgical tape to be overlapped and glued. To do this, cut the Tape from the pharmacy in a narrow, about a centimeter wide strips.

You can start with the Taping of the body is the middle page and flip loop with your toes in the Form of Aids. The closed loop encloses the toes on the bottom. The two Ends of which open on to the dorsum of the foot. This procedure repeat for about four to five times. Tighten the Tape not to.

Healing time

Change the Tape regularly and you protect your toe by avoiding tight shoes. After four to five weeks, the toe should be fully resilient. However, you should immediately consult a doctor if you have any complaints.