Anal sex note more risky than you think: you should

Trust, empathy and a few precautions are important to be able to have anal and enjoy. Nevertheless, the health risks are. FOCUS Online spoke with experts and explains what you should note during anal intercourse.

Anal sex is for Heterosexual as a taboo subject, but more men and women have already tried it than I thought. To be able to informed talk, however, is the distinction important between the two forms of anal sex: active and passive.

Anal sex – men see better in the active than the passive role

What is the meaning of the two sexual types:

  • active (insertiver) anal intercourse, men preferred – that is, active the Penis or a Penis substitute, the passive Partner
  • passive (receptive) anal sex means Penis in the Anus. This role is mostly expected of women. This Part of anal sex is associated with something painful, therefore, the willingness is rather low.

Especially men sit passive anal sex for more from “also, because you have to be afraid of, if you the Penetration in the Anus like, may be gay – one of them has to do with the other but absolutely nothing to do,” reassured Sexologist and psychotherapist Ann-Marlene Henning, known from the television series “Make Love”, currently in the ZDF.

The number of unreported cases is likely to lie with men is still much higher

After all, roughly 17 percent of women and four percent of men have collected with passive anal sex experience, how a current investigation of the sexual behaviour of the Germans for the first time.

The Numbers could be in the case of men however is much higher. “Active anal sex would try out lots of men like to, or have already done it for a long time, I guess, up to 70 percent,” says Ann-Marlene Henning.

Why some men want active anal sex

Cause on the one hand, that the intestinal opening is often tighter than a Vagina. As a result, more pressure and friction during Penetration, so the active anal sex on the Penis, the stimulation of the nerves increases. In addition, anal sex gives the feeling of something Wicked to do the forbidden, because the Anus is considered a taboo zone – and for some very exciting, says Ann-Marlene Henning.

In passive anal intercourse for men is particularly worrying

Some of the men, the Sexologist Ann-Marlene Henning reported only learn by chance, that your Anus is a very erogenous Zone, the prostate examination at the doctor, when the Finger in the rectum the G-spot, the prostate is touched. This is the case, she also describes in her new book.

During anal sex the vegetative nervous system is stimulated

But how does it look for the wife? For both sexes, man and woman anal sex can be very arousing. “The sphincter of the Anus is very thick and firm and of a delicate nervous system by drew,” said Christian Albring, President of the professional Association of gynaecologists and established woman doctor in Hanover.

The Overstretching of the sphincter – and that is why it is during anal sex always – solve violent reactions of the autonomic nervous system, as well as the Stimulation of the intestine through the Penis. As the Vagina lies directly in front of the anus, is also indirectly stimulate the Vagina.

Anal orgasm for the passive Partner it is

The anal area, Massage and gentle Penetration stroke to trigger a sexual stimulus – “especially, if, in addition, in the front area is stimulated, in men so the Penis and in the female the clitoris,” says Ann-Marlene Henning. The orgasm is brought about in this way, can also the anal region rhythmically together. The only anal orgasm without stimulation of other erogenous zones in the genital area, on the other hand is more of a myth.

“Whether excitation is by anal sex more than other Sexvarianten or weaker, whether experienced as positive or negative, of the individual depending on the Situation,” said Christian Albring. Important is the Situation, Affection of the couple, consideration, voluntariness, and trust. This would, whether anal sex is for the woman brings a pleasure or more pain and injury.

The anal canal is not designed for sexual intercourse

Because the rectum is not designed by nature for repeated Penetration, but serves with his sphincter muscles as a safety device. These sphincters have to keep the function of the intestinal contents. Penetrate from the outside, it means the exact opposite. Therefore, force is preparing to Penetrate the strongest pain.

Anal sex in porn is to degrade women

In some porn, therefore, of violent anal intercourse is used as a demonstration of power and humiliation ritual against women. “It is known that many drugs, so that the performers can take part at all”, according to Sexologist and psychotherapist Ann-Marlene Henning about this perfidious practice.

However, the cautious approach in a high risk for problems.

The main risks with anal sex

“The most common complication that we see in the doctor’s practice, are recurrent bacterial infections of the Vagina and the urinary bladder, because it comes out during anal sex to a massive distribution of intestinal bacteria in the genital area,” warns the doctor. Many women do not have these infections, however, in connection with the anal sex.

Therefore, anal sex should be practiced with the condom and the condom can be changed, if the Couple wants to then have vaginal Sex. “Besides, the woman should wash after Sex, in the intimate area, in order to reduce the number of bacteria,” advises the expert.

Other common health problems due to anal intercourse:

  • Skin lesions at the anus, “because, unlike the entrance of the vagina, in the Anus, no Secretion-producing glands,” says the wife doctor.
  • Can hemorrhoids swell and bleed.
  • Temporary or persistent incontinence, the inability to control bowel gas and bowel movements.
  • Dangerous fissures in the anal canal, in the worst case, a Perforation of the intestinal wall.

“If a woman after anal sex, bad healing of wounds observed at the end of the intestinal output, it can also be a sexually transmitted infection,” said Christian Albring. Due to the frequent skin lesions in this Sexpraxis you could become infected with HIV and Hepatitis, more easily than vaginal Sex.

Micro-injuries to the colon for anal sex

Because it’s usually the smallest violations, when the sphincter is overcome. Not least due to these risks of anal intercourse could spread earlier of Aids and Hepatitis among Homosexuals.

Also, HPV infections are at the anus, which can degenerate after many years to a cancer. “Therefore, any Sex, even anal sex should take place with partners with whom the woman lives over several months is sure to be monogamous, only with condom” emphasizes the expert explicitly.

Anal responsibility plan aware

Who wants to try anal sex, you should observe a lot, because “anal sex means may be a painful Overstretching of the sphincter, which is a high risk of cracks in the skin, bleeding hemorrhoids, and with the risk of fecal incontinence associated”, preceded by the gynecologist.

Essential are:

  • Condom use, when switching from the intestine to the Vagina, a new,
  • use lots of lube,
  • not with violence, penetration,
  • it is very slow,
  • extensively to stimulate an atmosphere of great intimacy, to be deeply relaxed.

Anyone have any experience with this Form of transport, fear is often, “brown traces” could spoil the mood. The risk is not in the rule, because in the anal canal, located just behind the sphincter, no intestinal contents is – unless you feel the urge to have to go to the toilet. Then you should not, of course, to have Sex for the first time, the bowel movement wait and the anal region, then rinse thoroughly clean.

Three more tips from Ann-Marlene Henning:

  1. For the active Partner to Exert with the Finger a slight, but steady pressure until the sphincter gives way slowly.
  2. For the receptive: Relax, breathe deep in the muscle, release it, then the Finger inside slips by itself, a slight pain in the beginning.
  3. The Ideal positions, in which the S-shape of the rectum is stretched and the Finger/Penis triggers are. These are the doggie position and the positions where the passive Partner is pulling the knee to the chest.

Woman doctor, Christian Albring stressed in conclusion: “in pain the woman, and the feeling that she is hurt by the anal sex, so she has to be in the interest of your health every right to, immediately cancel – which goes for every other sexual practice.”


Anal sex can be a new, enriching experience. However, it should be properly prepared to hold the risk for pain and injury as low as possible. Essential slow, cautious approach, the use of condoms, and always re-lube. And if it is uncomfortable: Stop. During Sex – everything can, nothing must.