I thought my body content falls out: woman tells of how the birth destroyed your pelvic floor

She was 40, your child proud of 4500 grams: Still, Doris Bühler (*Name has been left changed) for two hours in the press-blow and got a C-section. At FOCUS Online, she tells how she fights now with a permanent damage of the pelvic floor.

I would rather have lost a leg. Or a Hand. I could hang at least somewhere a prosthesis on it. But I’m falling apart. My body feeling is not so terrible as if my whole center would be slipped to the floor below. And before that I was a completely healthy person.

The birth of my first (and last) child is now one and a half years – since I was 40. And still I spent almost the whole day on the Couch. Only after a year I went back to the supermarket. The other day I dared to visit with the family on a flea market: one and a half hour train ride, three hours of walking around, followed by return journey. My abdomen has ached and burned. And you don’t look it from the outside.

How will I ever work again – I don’t know it

Only a small daughter to Love and raise I wanted, and now everything is broken. Instead of being glad about my Baby, I’ve waited for years and years, I am filled only with grief. My diagnoses are: pelvic floor prolapse – a reduction of the entire pelvic floor. A Levator Avulsion – when the pelvic floor’s torn up inside. This light organ cuts. Women with a greater reduction in the reports that it feels like a permanent full-gesaugter pad, as the bladder or uterus down. For me, it is an extreme case, because the nerves are damaged.

Even 16 months after the birth pushes after ten minutes, dishes wash everything down so that I have to lie down once for two hours. Because of the digestive issues I have pain every day for hours belly. How will I ever work again – I don’t know it. Before that, I had a Job in the office. Currently I live of my Savings and the financial support of my friend.

Just a damn sentence, it would have needed

Because this madness is a disappointment, because all of This could have been avoided. “You are too old, your child is too large, a natural birth may not be a good idea.” Just a damn sentence would have needed it. “Go to the clinic and do this consultation.”

As a Late mother, I had a 50% risk for a Levator Avulsion, but I didn’t know it. The information about the risks of a vaginal birth one searches in vain for the topic basin subsidence. Only if you read conversely, reductions, specifically something about pelvic floor, then there is: The main trigger is the vaginal birth. Why can’t that be clearly communicated? I don’t understand it.

I was not prepared for what awaited me

I was really in any way bad luck: the woman doctor I had short-changed before, and with the help of a midwife. I am a totally rational person. But before the birth I had so many pregnancy hormones in me was in full panic and could not search reasonable.

In my pregnancy guide, for example only in detail what foods should I avoid. Or as the child grows. Or what is the need to make education I. Of all the risks I brought along: not a word. I was so full of fear, even prior to the PDA, and believed, unfortunately, the General statements of how amazing the birth experience. How healthy your child is, and how many risks of cesarean section would bring. You could bring any injuries, but with a little pelvic floor exercise back into balance. I opted for the vaginal birth. On Perineal tears, long hours in the delivery room, and stress incontinence, I was prepared – but not what expected me then.