Found a miracle remedy to combat baldness

In Britain, scientists from the University of Manchester, said that soon will solve the problem of hair loss. The problem of alopecia — alopecia male pattern — is observed in more than 95% of men. Among the beautiful half of humanity, which is losing hair, this percentage is observed in 20% — 90%. This variation is explained by the fact that this process in women is less visible and harder to diagnosis.

For many hair loss is a serious problem, as not all as Bruce Willis, is ready for drastic measures — the cut “under zero”. However, for those who are suffering from baldness, a good news.

British researchers have discovered the miraculous property of armasesti, which is used for the preparation of perfumes. Sandler — the so-called that substance is added to simulate the smell of sandalwood. However, as it turned out, it is also able to stimulate hair growth. It has an effect on a receptor located in hair follicles that promotes growth and decreases the number of dead cells.

In the first experiments was attended by 20 women. Experts, is encouraged by the results, going to continue his work. They made a loud statement that you are on the verge of solving the problem of baldness, writing sites and REN TV.