Flying pace: 10 tips on how to get rid of heel spurs

If you have the feeling that the heel drove the nail is very likely that it formed a spur. And if the surgeon has confirmed the fears, the heel need to be rescued. To break down the build-up of the laser always succeed. We have collected ten popular recipes of treatment of spurs, which are said to help.

1. Soap
A piece of dark soap grate and melt in a water bath. Pour the mixture on the cloth and attach to the heel, cover with a package and secure with a bandage. Repeat the procedure until you feel relief.

2. Raw potatoes

Adherents of folk medicine often recommend potatoes to treat spurs – reduces inflammation and relieves pain. Grate raw potatoes and apply the paste to the heel. Top – polyethylene, a bandage, and warm socks.

3. Black radish
A compress of black radish is not worse or even better. Sometimes you will need 3-5 treatments to get rid of the spurs. And only the smell of this root may interrupt the hunt to treat spur such a “flavorful” way.

4. The pulp of garlic

Or a fragrant life hack – attach to the heel for a couple of hours a day a paste of garlic. When the unbearable burning sensation rinse. Repeat to eliminate spurs.

5. Cabbage leaf
You can try to cure the spur of a conventional cabbage. Take a cabbage leaf a little notch to release the juice, brush with honey and apply to the heel. Go with this poultice can clock.

6. Treatment with iodine
In the initial stages can help ordinary iodine grid printed on the heel. With a strong inflammation of an application do with the iodine. Ingredients for one application: 50 ml iodine, 1 tsp salt, 1 tbsp of honey. Mix and apply on a steamed heel underneath the compress. Repeat a minimum of 5 days.

7. Old fat
Fasten at the heel slice of old pork fat. For example, put on socks, then package and one sock. Note, in the treatment of it effectively spurs the old grease. Rancid – perfect.

8. Hot salt
Warm up on frying pan 1-2 kg of salt to a temperature below the heel could tolerate. Sit on a chair. Dip in the salt heel. Keep to cool.

9. Pounding on the floor
Often knock a sore heel on the floor, thereby increasing blood circulation and metabolism of calcium in the tissues. As an alternative to rubbing the heel on the felt (e.g. boots) or roll it a ball.

10. Urinotherapy
If not disdain, and believe in the healing power of urine, try to “soak” his spur. Collected per day urine warm. Put in a hot foot bath for 20 minutes. After the treatment feet do not wash, dry and wear socks.