Common disease was a cause of cancer

Chief urologist of Russia Dmitry Pushkar told about the risk factors of prostate cancer. He urged the men in time to be examined and to underestimate the insidiousness of the disease.

According to the doctor, many representatives of the stronger sex believe that they will never face cancer. In addition, there are those who believe that prostate cancer is not treated.

“In fact, from this disease no one is immune, and today it is curable if detected on time”, – quotes the medic “Moskovsky Komsomolets”. In recent years, the disease has acquired epidemic proportions, but early diagnosis and modern treatment methods can seriously change the situation.

Today, prostate cancer became the most frequent tumor of the genitourinary system in men. And in most cases the disease is detected in 50-70 years. Dmitry Pushkar noted that the risk factors for developing this type of cancer is almost every men.

This lack of exercise, poor diet, high blood pressure, poor environment, high levels of sugar and harmful habits. That is why, after 40 years, every male must undergo the elementary examination.

As for treatment, today, as noted by the chief urologist of Russia, there are a lot of techniques. According to the Gunner, a few years ago there was a study that showed that some patients do not require therapy. But it is only 2-3%.

“However, our people heard the bell, came home, poured myself a glass, and not from the tap, and said, “Well, cancer can not be treated, hurrah!” So we have a lot of patients in advanced stages of the disease,” – said the expert urged not to go to the trouble.