A new cause of attacks and strokes

In Boston the specialists at the Massachusetts General hospital showed that chronic noise exposure causes the development of cardiovascular disease, strokes and heart attacks. About it reported in a press release on MediicalXpress.

The study included 499 people whose age reached 56 years, on average. Volunteers were conducted positron emission tomography and computer tomography of the brain and blood vessels. The researchers also checked levels of noise exposure in places of residence of the participants. The results of the scan was determined by the activity of the amygdala — a brain area that plays a role in the regulation of stress and emotional reactions.

Over the next five years from disorders of the cardiovascular system, including attacks and strokes, injured 40 people. It turned out that people living in conditions of severe noise contamination, e.g. near a highway or airport, the amygdala was more active and the level of inflammation of the arteries above. The risk of heart attack and stroke was increased three times.