6 is particularly dangerous complications in the case of the common cold

SARS is not always a harmless infection. Doctors told about the “red flags” of a cold – warning signs, which need not to delay recourse to specialists.

According to experts, the manifestation of these symptoms can be a signal that sarvi procesadora, more serious disease. In particular, this alarming phenomenon is a high temperature that lasts for a long period. If three days the thermometer stubbornly pokazyvaetsya 38градусов, contact your doctor. The same if the temperature first dropped denormalize, and then again became high.

Another symptom is shortness of breath. According to experts, the problems with sdyhanie the common cold can not be ignored, at what stage of illness they would not have appeared. In addition, should have alerted any unhealthy sounds-whistling, wheezing, a barking cough, and the like.

Also very troubling are rash Patna nakage Popovichenko temperature – it can be a sign of meningitis. In the event that the person who has the pain vivate of Illidari also need to call an ambulance without wasting time to think about what food could cause that kind of trouble.

The doctors and gave this advice: if the presence of the typical signs of a cold you feel atypical bad, that is your bad feeling is felt but very heavy, too, should not delay treatment to the doctor. Prirode complications of SARS needs to understand only professional experts, said the experts.

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