20 Euro for an hour of uninterrupted NAP time

Earlier Irina Ivachkovets had to fight for every little break. The 34-Year-old project Manager at trade fairs, a lot of the plane on the way or from early to late in the office. was “Because I Packed my yoga Mat on the floor and a quarter of an hour NAP,” she says. Since then, she vows to “Power-Napping”, the small NAP during the day.

In a busy office district in Berlin-Kreuzberg Ivachkovets a business with the break from everyday life. Between cafes and shops has opened in the busy capital city recently, the “NAP”. A 20-minute NAP costs eight euros, the whole hour is 20 Euro. In front of the daydreaming time is agreed, at the end of a Wake-up call. “Then you can go back just very focused and happy to work,” she says.

Ten mattresses for stressed office people

“Power-Napping” is known already from US-American companies, in Japan, the art of the short sleep is practiced, even in Public – “Inemuri” is called in the far East, the NAP in the subway or in the workplace. The municipal administration of Vechta made in 2000, caused a stir with a office push sleep: The officials should rest as part of a fitness programme during the lunch break on mats.

Irina Ivachkovets offers, however, Siestas in a private atmosphere. The light seems soft at sleep Studio, the floor is covered with fluffy carpet. In the dormitory of ten orthopedic mattresses waiting for stressed-out office people and exhausted tourists. Ivachkovets has set up candles, relaxing music played, as well as massages cost extra.

“Some read, some take notes, develop ideas, but just in a retracted space,” says the studied cultural studies and business administration. The bed compartments are only separated by a thin, beige curtains. Who comes badly to rest, receive earplugs and a sleeping mask.

After half an hour of the deep threatens to sleep

The Potsdam Power-Napper Uli Barenbrock is the second Time in the “NAP”. “At first I didn’t think that you can really switch off, but after half of the time – so after ten minutes I drifted off again and again,” says the 49-Year-old, still a little sleep-drunk. “I would have liked to stay lying down.”

“The recovery value is less and less about sleep than about to switch Off and Relax,” explains the Regensburg sleep expert Juergen Zulley. A few minutes NAP increased the efficiency and lowered the risk of heart disease-vascular. When you NAP, you should not overdo it – less is more, advises the researcher. Because after half an hour of the deep threatens to sleep. “Sleep drunkenness can last longer than the short NAP,” says the expert.

Zulley is a devoted Nappers. He wants to spend for his NAP but not money – rather, he leans back in his office chair and puts his feet up on his Desk.