Why are cut hair and what to do with it

You worked so hard to grow hair, and they split, break and look lifeless? Tell now what to do with it.

Why is this happening?

Hair consists of keratin scales: they stay on the main stem (cortex), and protect it. If the scales are always covered with fat grease, they are elastic. But if fat is not enough, the keratin is lifted and exposes the cortex. Because of this, he is damaged and begins to flake. This happens due to the fact that…

You are wrong to care for the hair:

  • Not protecting hair from the sun and cold;
  • Often painted, building up the hair;
  • Wrong comb;
  • Do elaborate hairstyles or too tight ponytails;
  • You have long hair, but you don’t use moisturizer masks, balms, serums, etc. (the longer the hair, the less fat grease goes to the tip);
  • Dry your hair in the hot mode or use a Curling iron.

You have problems in the body:

  • You are not eating healthy. Hair suffer from lack of vitamins and minerals;
  • You are drinking enough water;
  • You had a hormonal imbalance;
  • You have a broken metabolism or circulation;
  • You have a disease of the scalp (eg, seborrheic dermatitis).

Also provoke cross-section may pregnancy – fetus “takes away” from the body many nutrients. And yet the tendency to the cross section can be inherited: for example, if you got very thin hair.

Is it possible to do something with an already split hair?

No, the “glue” damaged hair is impossible. They can only be cut off and grow a new one.

How to avoid section in the future?

Approach to solving complex problems:

  1. Eat in a balanced way. Eat more vegetables, nuts, meat, dairy products and legumes.
  2. In summer, apply hair protecting spray and wear a hat. In the winter do not go without a hat.
  3. Use a soft and flexible brush with wide and a few teeth. Start to comb hair from the ends, gradually moving to the roots. The movement should be smooth and careful.
  4. Use moisturizing and protective products. After each washing you need to apply the conditioner and leave-in serum, 1-2 times per week mask.
  5. A Hairdryer can be used, but only in a sparing mode. Dry hair will need in the direction from the top down: it smoothes the scales. But about Curling irons and flat irons are best forgotten.
  6. Do not wrap the head in a towel and do not overtighten the hair rubber bands. They are mechanically damage the hair.
  7. Use professional paint. They are not so much dried hair. And it is better to choose a shade closest to your native color.
  8. Otstegat cross section of the tips as soon as they appeared. If you feel sorry for length, try polishing: in this procedure the master of a special attachment on the machine sastrigal only sticking the ends. He usually whipped. But the haircut hot scissors – a rather controversial procedure. The masters say that the same effect can be achieved with just a good sharp pair of scissors.
  9. If nothing helps, contact your doctor. Some diseases of the liver, kidneys and digestive system lead to the fact that vitamins and minerals start poorly absorbed.

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