To beat hair loss in 15 minutes

Just 15 minutes a day can be enough to solve the problem of baldness, as evidenced by the results of the work of scientists from Korea advanced Institute of science and technology in Daejeon. They have developed a new photostim, consisting of 900 microlasers, – it is a new word in the treatment of alopecia.

The new device was tested on rats scientists. The tests demonstrated that the use of the laser device just 15 minutes a day for three weeks effectively stimulates the hair follicle, so the rats had grown thick fur.

“Lasers have a stimulating effect on hair follicles, which leads to division of these cells. Laser therapy is effective and has no side effects, it can help about 25% of men who start to go bald after the age of 25 years,” stated the authors know-how.
Earlier, Japanese scientists investigating the problem of baldness, said that one of the means for its solution can be a plant wasabi or Japanese horseradish, reaching for the manufacture of the famous condiment. In this plant, as already mentioned Magicforum, STERIDENT isosphere providing a stimulating and strengthening effect on hair follicles.