How Beyoncé Works With Colorist Rita Hazan to Get the Perfect Shade of Blonde

True Beyoncé stans may have noticed that there's something slightly…different about her trademark blonde hair. There's just been a certain je ne sais quoi about the hue that many can't quite put their finger on. Fortunately, her colorist, Rita Hazan, has all the tea on the singer's new golden hue.

“She always wants to go lighter and lighter. Being on stage, it was the perfect time to do it. Everybody always wants to go lighter. You get the bug. You want to go all the way,” says Hazan.

The mom of three is currently on tour with her hubby, Jay Z, as part of the On the Run II extravaganza. As usual, she’s shutting it down on stage, but we’re all about her hair nevertheless. And it's no wonder: Yoncé and Hazan put major thought into the color for the tour.

“I don’t feel like solid blondes really work on many people — it's a specific look," explains Hazan. "It has to be a little bit edgy and you need a certain haircut and to wear certain makeup. Unless it’s the look, it doesn’t really work. You need dimension in there to make it look more natural and believable.”

Hazan has also worked on Beyoncé’s sister Solange, and notes that the results for each sibling were quite different: “I bleached [Solange] out and she looks amazing, that’s the whole look for her," Hazan recalls. "That worked for her.”

Ok, but hold up. How does Bey settle on the right shade? “We look at pictures and go back and forth. I tell her what I think. I always come to people with my ideas. We can go left and right but we decide that this neighborhood is where you belong. People need dimension and contrast. When you’re thinking about going blonde, am I doing this as a look or a lifestyle? If it’s a lifestyle, you want it to be real,” says Hazan.

Hazan won’t go into the specific process of coloring B’s hair, but she does spill on what it takes to make her look like the queen she is. “I try to give her color that lasts three months. She’s busy and doesn’t have time to sit in the chair for long periods of time," she says. "All my clients are like that. Unless they have gray hair and have to maintain it — you want their hair to be healthy. If it’s not healthy, the color doesn’t look right.”

Of course, our curious minds wanted to know what it's actually like in the room with Bey making the transformation. But if you think you're getting any tea on that, think again.

“All my clients are the same, we have a good time. [Beyoncé] used to come (to the salon) but she travels so I usually go to her," says Hazan. "She’s very loyal, she likes to keep her circle small. I’m loyal to my clients like that." For Hazan, that means when it comes to intimate details of her coloring sessions, her lips are sealed. “When I’m doing something, I’m deaf and mute — I don’t hear or see anything. She knows she can trust me. We have a good laugh, we talk and hang out. When I work, I’m silent and I don’t say one word. When it’s game time, I’m focused.”

So while that means fewer deets for the rest of us, for Beyoncé it means great hair and privacy. And that, friends, is something we simply cannot be mad at.

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