These Millennial Pink Sneakers Are So Comfortable, I Haven’t Worn Anything Else This Summer

When I find a pair of sneakers I love, I’ll wear them over and over again until I’ve ripped through the sole. That’s exactly what happened to my favorite pair of black slip-ons recently, which sent me on a search for a new pair of kicks. My goal? A sneaker that was super comfortable—I need it to stand up to the harsh sidewalks of New York City, since I spend a lot of time on my feet walking when I’m not in the office. But since much of this time is spent socializing with friends, I also wanted a stylish shoe, not something you’d find labeled “athletic.”

Fast forward a few weeks, and there was a pile of about seven shoe boxes in my bedroom. It’s safe to say I’m one of the most indecisive online shoppers you’ve ever met. Some pairs were too tight while my foot popped out of others, but finally one gem stood out: The New Balance for J.Crew 791 Leather Court Shoe in Pink. And lucky for you, this shoe is currently on-sale at for $67.99 with an additional 30% off using code BIGMOOD. 

It’s safe to say my love for this sneaker hit me by surprise: I usually stick with black or white shoes for their versatility, but this pink pair is way more wearable than I originally thought. The shoe is made out of a soft leather that’s even more beautiful in person than online, giving it a sleek, feminine look that’s perfect for pairing with dresses and skirts—not just jeans.

When packing for a recent trip to Europe, I took a leap of faith and stuck these shoes in my bag. You see, I usually play it safe and only bring worn-in shoes that I know will be comfortable when I’m exploring a new place. Since I knew I’d be walking a lot, I brought my favorite black slip-ons as back-up—but I ended up wearing these pink beauties so often, I found myself checking online to see if they had been restocked in any other colors. Now that I’m back from the trip, I can say I’m blister-free and my feet didn’t bother me at all—not even when I walked miles through Park Güell in Barcelona.

At first, I was nervous the leather was so soft it would get worn-looking quickly, but that definitely hasn’t been the case. With each wear, these shoes have became more fitted to my feet while still maintaining their shape. According to reviews on J.Crew’s website, these shoes ran big for many, but that wasn’t necessarily true for me. I’m usually a size 6, but often go up to a 6.5 in running shoes, and the 6 fit perfectly. I tried on a 6.5 and it was so big on me that I originally wasn’t sure the 6 would even fit. So if you’re between sizes, definitely go down—it seems like there’s more variation between half sizes than usual.

This shoe has been flying off the shelves, though, so act fast if you want your own. Meanwhile, expect to spot me wearing them all over New York City and beyond—the quality is so good, I don’t expect to wear through the sole any time soon!

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