The Leggings Kelly Ripa Always Wears Are so Damn Cute

If you’ve ever wondered how Kelly Ripa stays in such spectacular shape, look no further than her intense workout routine. The television star runs once a week and is a regular at both SoulCycle and the cardio-focused AKT in Motion, founded by her personal trainer Anna Kaiser. 

But Ripa isn’t just a devotee to her favorite boutique fitness classes—the 49-year-old also has a favorite activewear brand that she wears over and over again: Ultracor. The brand’s high-end leggings, which offer both style and performance, make a regular appearance in Ripa’s Instagram posts, paparazzi-photographed outings, and TV segments.

So far, we’ve counted at least three different pairs of Ultracor leggings in Ripa’s wardrobe. Two of the three—the Sprinter High Fit Starlight Swarovski Legging and Lux Stellar High Waist Leggings—are currently sold out at retailers. But fortunately, you can still score the Ultra High Lux Knockout Leggings (from $138; and recreate Ripa’s go-to star-studded workout look.

While you might think the price is steep for a pair of leggings, the standout features of Ultracor’s activewear pieces may make you think otherwise. Every pair of Ultracor leggings has patented, built-in shapewear technology to give your butt a subtle lift and engage your core; plus, they’re made with a supportive compression fabric that’s not only silky smooth and comfortable, but super breathable, too.


To buy: Ultra High Lux Knockout Leggings, from $138;

Ultracor also cuts the fabric for each pair using precision laser technology to ensure the leggings have a superior fit that hugs every curve and never digs uncomfortably into your skin or feels too restricting. They’re also completely seamless, so you don’t have to worry about pesky chafing or irritation. 

Despite the luxury price tag, the leggings are still machine-washable. You’ll have to wait a little longer for them to air dry, but you won’t waste time washing every pair by hand. They even have a three-inch elastic waistband that stays in place to keep you tucked in and covered during even the most difficult of workouts. No wonder Ripa’s a fan!

If you’re into the stellar design but not ready to commit to the higher budget, we’re happy to report that there are plenty of affordable dupes on Amazon that look just like Ripa’s go-to pair, but cost a fraction of the price. Similar styles include these Nanette Leopore Shining Star ⅞ Leggings ($40;, Calvin Klein’s High Waisted Lacquer Star Print Tights ($59;, and Core10’s Supernova Star Reflective Legging ($42; While you won’t be wearing Ripa’s OG pair, you’ll still get the ~celestial~ look Ripa gravitates towards. 

You can also score a pair on sale at Zappos right now, where the taupe and satin colorway of the Ripa-approved Ultracor leggings are just $138. To score a wider variety of colorways, you’ll have to stick with Amazon’s marketplace—there, you can snag the star-studded design in a trendy snakeskin pattern or a modern velvet option. Either way, you’ll want to add these leggings to your cart ASAP—they have a history of selling out.


To buy: Ultra High Lux Knockout Leggings, $138 (was $198);

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