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Today wishing to lose weight can choose one of dozens of power systems: proper nutrition, food combining diet, protein diet, diet for a “drying” of the body and even genetic diet. And each of them set certain restrictions, outright bans, which often give rise to all known failures. I want to eat what is forbidden. And can eat whatever you want and lose weight? Adherents of the intuitive nutrition system believe that it is possible.

What is intuitive eating?

In a nutshell, intuitive eating – it’s the complete opposite diet. If the diet is based on external restrictions (without your participation painted power system and restrictions), the people who adhere to the principles of intuitive eating, guided only by their own desires, listen to your body’s signals. And can afford everythingthey really want.

The authors of the intuitive nutrition system – nutritionists Evelyn’s Tripoli and Eliza Dec. In 1995, the world saw the book “Intuitive nutrition”. The development of the system they began with a simple observation: many of the patients sitting on a diet, sooner or later fell, broke a mode, and then tormented with guilt. This system seemed to be Tripoli. fundamentally wrong, and they decided to eliminate the aspect of guilt from the process of weight loss.

Principle 1: no diets!

The first step to intuitive eating is the refusal of the diet as imposed from outside the system power. From now on you will listen to their bodies, their desires and go after them.

Principle 2: know your hunger

There is a need to not when necessary, and when you want. The body signals us about this hunger. No need to wait until it will be “brutal appetite” – learn to eat as soon as you feel a slight hunger. And so he doesn’t catch you by surprise, carry food to eat when you want.

Principle 3: love food

You can have it all. Really, all the food is no longer classified as useful or harmful. No piece of cake, no potatoes no longer fall under the ban.

Principle 4: clear restrictions

Is it possible to have no restrictions? If you allow there’s a sweet someone to eat sweet for Breakfast, lunch and dinner… It is an illusion that occurs when sweet banned. But if it is allowed, and even in any quantity, no one will eat it. Keep in the house supply of your favorite sweets, may it be always, is it not want.

Principle 5: you have the right not to finish it.

“Plate love purity!” Agree, how often do we hear these words in my childhood. And more: “Eat, and then mom will be upset”, “you Eat, and the food will be gone”. These phrases are banned for those who practice intuitive eating. Those lucky enough to eat until then, until you feel satiety, but are not required to leave a clean plate.

Principle 6: food is fun

Keep this in mind. Food is not way to test, and the path of pleasure. You eat to feel good, rather than limiting themselves to feel “worse”.

Principle 7: you have the right to experience different feelings…

…but don’t try to get rid of bad moods with food. The food should satisfy the desire to eat and not to serve as a way to improve mood. Eat only when hungry, not when you are sad, lonely and have nothing better to do.

Principle 8: move!

No, we don’t chase you to the gym. Don’t like to do fitness? I hate simulators? And it is not necessary. However, the movement is a normal condition of life. Find your favorite physical activity: walking, dancing, swimming – and engage them. You don’t have to do – have fun.

Principle 9: treat the body positively

How many of us years kept in the closet a dress that has long enough to “ever lose”. Enough! Wear what suits you, and let your wardrobe will not be things “for later”. Don’t you have to fit your body under the dress, and the dress should be such to suit you.

Principle 10: make mistakes

The path of intuitive eating is the way of trial and error. Don’t be afraid to make them and you, because gradually you can fix it.

The creators of the intuitive nutrition system argue that its true followers do not overeat and lose weight because they know that if you want a piece of cake, they’ll eat it, but will be able to stop in time. They do not “eat for the future,” or “the last time”: no prohibitions. For example, children are born intuitive eaters, and if not to impose our ideas about what is right, they will eat in a balanced way. The main thing – do not impose strict prohibitions and restrictions. As soon as food becomes a tool for education or the parents dictate how much and when the child should not eat, children begin to perceive our “adult” habits. Which is not always justified.

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