How to choose a manicure and pedicure

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What to look for when choosing a master of nail service?

What is interview with the master of nail service?

The forget-me-knot: manicure

The forget-me-knot: pedicure

Each one of us, girls of different ages knows what a friend for many years master of the beloved’s beauty salon is a psychologist, and “shoulder” to cry, and by all our whims. Well, almost a mother. Plus, leaving the salon with “awful” pleasing hairdo (makeup/manicure/pedicure), I feel too, if not the winner of the contest “Miss of the world and its surroundings,” the lady pleasant in all respects.

But almost all of our masters of beauty and treat yourself to the beautiful half of humanity. It so happens that the master married and went to a distant country, out in the decree, etc. What to do in this case? Stock or the recommendations of friends and explore the new “his master”, or to take their own steps in this direction.

Today we will talk about how to choose a manicure/pedicure (we will refer to the “master of nail service”) to many years happy. Magicforum gathered all the tips that will help you to find the best masters of nail service that you are happy with.

What to look for when choosing a master of nail service?

• Masters, right in overalls, Smoking at the door of the salon waiting for customers – let them continue in the same spirit. Pass go, do not delay!

• The administrator and his masters react in a barely noticeable turn of the head and reluctantly distracted from their lessons? You can be sure that the work they do as well, and so happy you’re not. Better to look for another!

• In the next salon you managed to get to the manicurist, and he silently (!) begins to do something with your nails? Stop it immediately! Nice, really attentive nail technician will give you a little “interview”before you start any manipulation.

What is interview with the master of nail service?

1. The master should introduce themselves and ask about how to contact you.

2. Inspect the nail plate and the skin around them.

3. To know your preferences and wishes about the shape of the nails.

4. To clarify the presence of disease (hepatitis, poor blood clotting and close the blood vessels, diabetes t, etc.).

5. Don’t hesitate to ask, how is the disinfection of instruments for nail services.

The forget-me-knot: manicure

– Carry in your purse a small nail file. Give preference to a modern, gentle to the nail plate content, not “old-lady magazine” is a metal nail file.

If the lacquer of the nails became dull, put on it a layer of colorless base or top coat – this will allow you to tide you over until the next visit to his master.

– If you decided to repaint nogtiki, use this corrector varnish. You’re not the only one who doesn’t know what it is, but they say that created this “miracle” specifically for use in the home.

– When the manicure came to an end and the next stage is the coating of lacquer – don’t rush. Do a little test: exposed edges of the nail plate draw for any fabric (use whatever materials are at hand). Synthetic materials are more sensitive to the slightest indent on the edges of the nails. Make sure none of the nail “lifts” the fabric, otherwise you can ruin completely ready manicure.

– If you have a little time to the nearest after visiting the nail salon events, prepare for this in advance: go to the bathroom, fix your makeup, if necessary, put on outer clothing and hang it on the shoulder bag, designed with the master. That is, do all that is necessary for the next 15-20 minutes, so you do not stick hands with a fresh coat pockets or bag. Although many modern manicure using binders, which dry in minutes.

– To cover the nail plate, it is desirable to use a gel lacquer that hardens instantly literally, and also has high durability and elegant Shine. If you cover your nails with regular Polish to accelerate the drying process you can use “super-drying” a few drops which makes the process of drying nail Polish faster.

The forget-me-knot: pedicure

The first step towards a quality pedicure – proper steaming of your feet. Do not feel sorry for yourself, beloved, herbs, aromatic salt, essential oils and a maximum of 15 minutes of your precious time. Then the result will exceed all your expectations.

Steam, properly dry your feet and tidy toes: shorten and improve the shape of the nail plate, the nail file to remove burrs and notches in the free edge of the nail.

To do pedicure at home as pleasant and productive you will need to “float” with varying degrees of abrasiveness, that is, with different grain size. The largest grater to clear the most hardened tissue of the sole, gradually moving to smaller Chicks.

A great help when performing a pedicure can become weak and dried organic coffee. It is mixed with cream (or the usual children’s cream) and pressing lightly, in a circular motion RUB the skin of the foot. While the coffee plays the role of a natural scrub. After such cleaning the skin of the foot it don’t even have to grease moisturizer: weak coffee contains sufficient amount of natural oils.

The next stage of the pedicure grinding the heels of the smallest taroccate – without this smooth leather heels will not!

Well, if your loved one is not be lazy and bother to give you after a pedicure a gentle, relaxing foot massage, your bliss just is not the limit!

All of these little tricks will help you to be always “prepared”. Admit it, none of the fairer sex can not feel ideal if she peeled nail Polish or heels to the touch more like sandpaper than a baby’s butt. It is therefore very important to choose a good master of manicure and a pedicure to return from it beautiful and peaceful.

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