Three ways to care for your nails, which you should know

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Classic (hygienic) equipment

European appliances manicure


In the technique of pedicure SPA



How to care for nailsso they look neat and aesthetically pleasing? It never was a problem, but it does become quite a simple task. Various techniques of performing manicure and pedicure available to all. You only need to study them to choose… and practising! Magicforum collected methods for performing manicure.

Classic (hygienic) equipment

The main objective of this manicure/pedicure – standard care for the nails and hands. The procedure consists of several stages:

•softening (warm baths);

•trimming of the cuticle;

•treatment periungual roller;

•filing and polishing nail plate.

The effect of classic nail Polish: no Burr, strengthening the nail plate, well-groomed nails, no dryness, cracks on the skin.

European appliances manicure

The Creator and promoter of European manicure is the French Marlene. This lady in 1920 gave the world a new way of nail care.

From the classic European manicure differs in two respects:

1.Before the procedure, the nails and soften the skin with soap and water.

2.Cuticles are not cut, but move to Paradise nail bed thin wand, carved from an orange tree.

Because of these two facts, the European manicure is often called a dry or pobrezni. Technique dry manicure is recommended for people with thin skin on the hands, when close to the surface of the skin blood vessels.


Performed using a special device with multiple detachable attachments. This is a very popular technique, which is actively used. On each of them assigned a specific function:

1.Resurfacing of the skin on the hands and feet.

2.Cuticle treatment.

3.Grinding of the nail plate.


For the procedure, the wizard selects the nozzles to the apparatus for manicure individually for each customer based on the condition, thickness, sensitivity of the skin and nails, level of exposure, and other factors.

The advantages of hardware manicure:

•no need to steam the skin – all manipulations are carried out “dry”;

•delicate polishing preserves the structure of the nail plate and cuticles;

•sterility of the procedure;

•gentle, painless treatment;

•the result is stored longer than after trimming (classic) manicure/pedicure.

After hardware manicure the nails do not exfoliate, the surface becomes glossy, gets a nice pink color. Nail plate look healthy, well groomed. The skin on the fingers becomes soft.

In the technique of pedicure SPA

Unique technique of foot care is an incredibly useful and enjoyable and fun person. As part of the treatment is relaxation, a SPA pedicure love even hesitate cosmetic procedures men. This is a procedure that will please even the most tired hands that require quality care. At least once a month or every two months should afford such a procedure.

The steps in the procedure:

1.Preliminary cleansing of the skin.





When performing a SPA pedicure to clean the skin, removing calluses and corns using special drugs that dissolve the cells of the epidermis. Plus, it uses organic cosmetics BCL, aromatic and essential oils, scrubs, therapeutic masks. Because of this, in addition to delicate skin care of feet and nails, during the procedure, creating the effect of aromatherapy, relaxation.


One of the most popular techniques today is nail Polish – biomonitor.The technique BIO SCULPTURE GEL is considered to be in strengthening, healing the nails of the safest. What is the secret?

Ordinary Biogel has long been used by women to cover the nails. But BIO SCULPTURE GEL – this is no ordinary manicure treatment with the application of the decorative coating, and a comprehensive system of nail care, providing pre-hydration and nutrition of the nail plate special vitamin complexes.

As a result of biomanure with the application of the bio gel nails do not just look visually aesthetic. The procedure used in cosmetic products make the nail stronger, and Biogel forms a protective layer that protects the plate from negative external influences. The access of air to the nail does not overlap, thus preserving its structure, to give the nails strength and elasticity.

Gel manicure lasts much longer than ordinary polishes, allowing you to save money and not visit often, a beauty salon. However, to distinguish the nails covered with bio-gel, a natural, almost impossible.


The best choice for those who want to have a well hydrated, healthy, soft skin. Used in the method, the paraffin wax contains vitamin E, which gives a pronounced resolving, anti-inflammatory effect. Due to softening, warming effect of wax, this technique is used in rehabilitation therapy after injuries, helps cope with pain in the joints.

The procedure of paraffin:

•The skin is disinfected.

•Applied a nourishing cream and massage the hands.

•Treat the skin with lotion and moisturiser.

•Hands on for 3-5 minutes immersed in a bath of melted paraffin. Or make an application of warm paraffin wax.

•After the bath (of an application) is wrapped with film and put on special gloves are warm Terry cloth.

The result of the paraffin is visible even after once the procedure. The epidermis is cleaned of dead cells of the stratum corneum, the skin becomes hydrated, soft.

Experts say that only a master in the cabin will be able to determine what type of manicureto suit you. In addition, in some cases, is to try different methods to understand what will suit you. Some are too close to blood vessels, other skin is too sensitive. This all plays an important role in the choice of suitable methods of manicure. It is also important that the master was experienced and could efficiently perform the procedure.

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