Here’s What We Know About Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Upcoming Norvina Palette

Though Anastasia Beverly Hills makes a huge range of products, if there's one thing it's known for above all else, it's the brand's ability to make a stellar palette. Time after time, the brand makes palettes that quickly become cult favorites, including the Modern Renaissance palette and the ever-popular Subculture palette. Now, ABH is at it again, creating a palette that's especially important to the brand's founder, as it's named after Anastasia Soare's daughter, and the president of the brand, Claudia Norvina Soare.

The new palette will be called the Norvina palette and though it won't be released until later in July, Anastasia Beverly Hills has already released a few images of it online. The case for the palette is purple, as are a few of the shadows in the palette. It also comes with a few pink tones and a few neutral tones, both in shimmer and matte shades. Soare swatched some of the shades on herself while on a recent vacation, showing just how pigmented they are and how they look in the sun. The brand also swatched the shades on multiple skin tones on its Instagram account, something that's super important for beauty brands to do.

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According to E!, Soare has said, about the new palette, "I'm nervous because it has my name on it. Usually, I'm not nervous because this is my job; this is what I do. But because my name is on it, it's definitely giving me some emotions that I'm not used to." It's clearly a very personal project for her. In case you're interested in an in-depth breakdown of the shades included in the new Anastasia Beverly Hills x Norvina palette, she was kind enough to tell fans about all 14 of them in the caption of an Instagram post. In fact, the caption was so long, she had to continue it in the comments.

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She writes, "The palette has 7 mattes and 7 shimmers which is a first for ABH, we generally do less shimmers. I need shimmer in my life because of my big lids, but I also use shimmer along my lash line." She continues by saying exactly how she likes to use each shade, also saying, "This palette is truly wearable by many which is what is so important." For more information about the palette, you can check out her full caption. If you're interested in snagging the Anastasia Beverly Hills x Norvina palette, it'll be available on July 17 on Anastasia Beverly Hills website, on July 29 on Ulta's website, and on August 7 online at Sephora, Macy's, and more.

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