Hasbinding do exercises for the face to preserve youth?

Is the face fitness gives a very enticing promises: they say, in 3 months you will become younger by 10 years, correct asymmetry, and in General will forget what beauty shots. And you only need a mirror, Yes, 15 minutes of free time. Tell what is wrong with it.

1. This business

Though hasbinding and you can do at home, to spend money will still have: the user with a set of exercises, coaching, special training equipment. Authors methods argue that this is necessary: if you do the exercises incorrectly, they may not yield any result and even harm.

2. Facial gymnastics has not been investigated

Go to the website any author: in its basis lies definitely some kind of beautiful story like “This set of exercises was invented by the surgeon for the famous ballerina”. Or: “Facial gymnastics, which uses Gwyneth Paltrow“. Or at least a motivating personal story about how the coach has developed its own methodology, and a few months later his face was transformed.

What you will not find in these stories is the scientific base. No serious independent studies on the topic of hasbinding was conducted. All you can offer is a method, tested by his own trials and errors.

3. In hasbinding are some very dubious exercises

For example, those in which you have to move the skin against lines of Langer. This leads to drooping of facial tissues.

4. The muscles on the face such as on the body

Perhaps the favorite argument of the adepts of faulting: the body can pump up and make the elastic – and thus face too. Sounds logical, but in fact the muscles of the face are too small and flat for a noticeable change.

Besides, sometimes wrinkles appear due to Hyper – surge facial muscles. In this case, their need to relax and not to strain. Hence another problem hasbinding: the muscles on the face are interrelated. And to isolate one of them, as in the fitness room, will not work. That is, if you have hypertonicity, exercise will only reinforce the creases and wrinkles.

5. For the youth of the skin largely corresponds to the collagen

It gives it elasticity and elasticity. With age the amount of collagen in the skin is reduced to prevent this you should not exercise, and proper care and protection from the sun.

6. The sealing effect of the muscles quickly fizzles

Exercises cause blood flow to the muscles, so they seem to thicken and grow. In fitness it is called a pump. But the next day the swelling goes away. That is why coach fasbinder recommend to do every day.

7. Hasbinding there are contraindications

It is impossible to do after injectable fillers and Botox, as well as after surgery on the face or injury. Also exercises for the face are prohibited with neuritis of the facial nerve, worsening acne, thyroid problems, colds, hypertension, Oncology, etc.

In the end: we don’t know whether facial exercise to look younger or not. And trainers who sell their techniques, also do not know. So far, hasbinding have a lot of questions: it is necessary to wait for scientific studies to say anything for sure. So use it with caution and don’t believe big promises.

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