6 tips to care for face that will allow you to cheat old age

How to keep youth of your face? This question is raised not only women after 50 or even after 40 years, but still young girls. And it really is a very important issue in terms of preserving the beauty and youth of skin. Crucial here is regular maintenance, and if you want as long as possible to keep skin radiant, young and healthy listen to the advice given in this article. Magicforum figured out what to do to make the skin stay young as long as possible.

How to care for your face to keep your skin young?

The fatigue, the endless stress combined with numerous external factors, unbalanced diet is the main causes of unhealthy looking skin, premature wrinkling and aging. Once it comes to everyday care, we forget sometimes or often do not attach importance to things that are very important really. Not getting proper attention and care, leather can very quickly lose their freshness and even premature to be covered with wrinkles and it can happen much sooner than you expect.

There are several simple ways to make the skin fresh and radiant, and if you are constantly taking care of her, even more healthy with time. It is necessary first of all to pay attention as you build each day, this applies to all facets of your life: eating habits, those care products which skin feels in the course of a lifetime. Often all of this displays the total our attitude to the body.


Everyone knows about it, because talking about anything and everything, and yet many do not realize that cleaning your face is the primary step in caring for skin. Twice each day morning and evening clean your face with tools designed for this purpose. Fortunately, on the shelves today there is a huge amount of cleansers, we can only choose such a tool which is suitable for your skin.
Cleansing lotions usually contain extracts and natural herbal extracts that not only cleanse the skin but also nourish it out. Some tools additionally include active ingredients that affect the health of the skin involved in the treatment of the skin. This is especially practiced by young girls who have pimples on the face. And the skin around the eyes, pay special attention, it is very delicate and sensitive, because purification requires a special lotion.

Face moisturizing

After cleansing , wipe the face tonic, it will remove the soap residue. Tonic lotions and toners deep into the pores and cleanse them that promotes good hydration, dry skin needs it especially. Hydration facial at home key stage care for any skin type. The only exception would be, is troubled skin, which is prone to acne. The moisturizer in this case you should choose very carefully, but if you consult a dermatologist, he can determine the content of sebum and the coefficient of elasticity of your skin and will be able to advise which in your case is better to use a moisturizer. Try too much moisturizer do not apply, because the excess pore-clogging.

Face peeling

Every three weeks the cells of our body updated. Exfoliating helps remove the top layer of cells, which are numb, but on their own they slowly peel that makes the skin dull. Peeling remove the dead skin layer. Therefore, clean the skin after peeling becomes fresh and radiant. For the face, choose mild scrubs with small particles and do not forget to choose a scrub according to skin type. It should be noted that oily skin needs scrubs made clay-based with the addition of salicylic acid. Sensitive skin and dry skin is better to clean with gel and exfoliating cream.

Facial massage

To give fresh self facial massage is the best thing you can do for the skin at home. In the evening, after moisturizing and applying your usual nourishing cream, light taps stimulate the muscles of the face.
Movement do from bottom to top and from center to sides. This face massage against wrinkles it is particularly effective. Performing facial massage by yourself, you are stimulating the blood current and, therefore, metabolism in the skin. During summer months the skin loses its tone, and facial massage is the best makes up for this shortcoming.

Proper nutrition and the effects of UV

The correct variety of food, including fruits, vegetables and whole grains, vitamins and also contribute to the preservation of youth and beauty of your skin.

Excessive sun exposure to the skin, adversely affects its condition. The skin becomes dry and thinner. Ideally, of course, avoid the effects of ultraviolet radiation. But since it is almost impossible, protect your skin as possible. Because the formation of wrinkles and freckles, and especially age spots few people decorate. Not to mention of the possibility of such terrible threats as skin cancer.

Because being in the sun especially during the day, use sunscreen and hats to protect your face from direct sunlight. And after a long stay in the sun do a hydrating mask. Mask for the face is necessary at any period of the year. It delivers vitamins for the skin it’s like a breath of fresh air for the entire body.

Quit Smoking

If you want to preserve the beauty of your youth is sure to quit Smoking. This is the strongest provoker of skin aging. Smoking is harmful not only to your health, it is harmful to the whole body in General and skin in particular. Blood vessels constrict, slowing down blood circulation, especially noticeable in the top layer of the skin. Skin suffers from a lack of oxygen. Due to the reduction of oxygen in the skin decreases the amount of collagen and elastin.

Earlier, the doctors said that should be on the holiday table, so it was more healthy and useful.