Red meat still protects from heart attacks

Burgers, steaks, and cheese back on the menu. Consumption of unprocessed red meat and dairy products reduces the risk of heart attack, stroke or premature death.

Meat and dairy products like red meat and cheese beneficial to our health, and so they must gradually be included in the human diet. Canadian researchers from McMaster University found that along with fruits, vegetables and fish raw animal products significantly reduce the risk of a person to face a stroke, heart attack or premature death. These are the results of a study involving 218 000 people.

Previously, scientists have repeatedly linked a fatty diet, which is very common in USA and Western Europe, with heart disease. However, recent research has suggested that saturated fat is not nearly as harmful as it seems. The results of this study fair to the people from different parts of the world, because they are derived based on information from 50 countries. In General, participants in the study were followed for 25 years, carefully locking all the episodes of heart attacks, strokes, and age at the time of death. Naturally, the estimated and the diet of the people.

The results showed that high-quality diets, including raw foods of animal and plant origin, reduce the risk of heart disease. In addition, this diet plan reduces the likelihood of premature death for any reason. But processed meats like the favorite in our country sausages, sausages, bacon and similar products is still unhealthy. (READ MORE)