Wrong Doctor in the state of Hesse should be to blame for four deaths

Because of several deaths in a hospital is issued against an alleged wrong Doctor in the state of Hesse warrant. “Due to faulty anesthesia, you should have in four cases the death of patients caused,” said a spokesman for the Prosecutor’s office in Kassel on Friday.

"In eight other cases, health damage occurred." The woman was from 2015 to 2018 as an assistant doctor in a clinic in the North Hessian town of Fritzlar – with, according to the investigators without a doctor’s approval. Previously, media had reported about it.

The woman is said to have made, therefore, errors in the treatment and patients the wrong drugs is administered. First of all, it had been determined against the 48-Year-old just because you want to have with fake documents in the clinic advertised.

However, during a search in January, the authorities uncovered more evidence. Prosecutors and police investigate, among other things, on suspicion of manslaughter, grievous bodily injury, forgery, fraud, and abuse of titles.

Clinic and private of the women’s spaces by addiction

On Tuesday, the woman came into custody. At the same time, there were searches in the different länder: in addition to the clinic in Hesse, which were private women’s spaces, which recently resided in Kiel (Schleswig-Holstein).

In addition, the jobs of two physicians in the Schwalm-Eder-Kreis and Landkreis Uckermark (Brandenburg) were searched. It would ascertain whether, at the time, in the clinic Doctors have breached their duty of supervision by leaving the woman as an anaesthetist spite of the lack of services continue to work.

“I beat you,” says Sido Mark Forster

PCP “I beat you,” says Sido Mark Forster