New law: your doctor may prescribe you soon, an App

Health goes digital: Apps for blood pressure, Online office hours and electronic prescriptions are on the rise. The Federal Cabinet approved on Wednesday a draft law course for such innovations.

Health Apps

Doctors may prescribe digital applications such as diaries for diabetics or Apps for people with high blood pressure. The applications that will be able to prescribe Doctors to meet certain quality standards. The Federal Institute for drugs and medical devices (BfArM) checks in a first security level, function, quality, privacy, and data security of the products. The applications will then be refunded for a year of health insurance. In this time, the manufacturer must demonstrate that the App improves the supply.

Online Office Hours

Patients to find Doctors that offer Online consultations, easier. Therefore, Physicians should inform in the future on their website about such offers.

Electronic Doctor’s Letter

The papers in the public health services will be replaced by digital communication. Yet Doctors received for a sent Fax a lot more money than Sending an electronic doctor’s letter. Self-management is instructed to change the. In addition, Doctors will have more opportunities to electronically exchange ideas with colleagues.

Health Insurance-Accession

Anyone who wishes to join a statutory health insurance Fund voluntarily, they can do that electronically.

Therapeutic AIDS and appliances

You will be electronically prescribed. The "digital Rezept" for drugs, it was already covered in a previous bill.


Patients should be able to trust that their Doctors and other health care providers will be connected to the telematics infrastructure (TI). This allows a connection with the electronic health card.

Pharmacies have until the end of September 2020, and hospitals until January 2021 connect. For Doctors that don’t connect still, is the fee deduction of one percent from the 1. March 2020 to 2.5 percent increases. Midwives and physiotherapists as well as nursing care facilities can join voluntarily at the TI. The costs will be reimbursed.

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