Woman receives uterus of a dead – and brings a Baby to the world

In Brazil, a child is born whose mother had received the uterus from a deceased to be transplanted. The little girl was born a year ago in Sao Paulo, said in the journal “The Lancet”. The successful uterus transplant, the authors of the article suggest that many women who can’t have children, a new hope.

The case before the BGH

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“Our results represent a proof of concept for a new Option for women with infertility due to their uterus,” said Dani Ejzenberg from the teaching hospital of the University of São Paulo. “The number of people willing to donate organs after their death, is much higher than the number of living donors.”

So far, uterus transplants were successful, if the Uterus of a living woman was donated. After such a transplant, a child came for the first time in 2014 in Sweden, on the world. But there are a lot more women, the hope for a donor womb, as a living organ donor. Researchers have therefore sought canadian online pharmacy for ways to remove even in the case of deceased women, the Uterus, and women plant, which otherwise could not have children. Attempts were made in several countries, but so far without success.

Woman without womb to the world

In Brazil, it was finally planted in September 2016, a 32-Year-old the uterus of a at the age of 45 years, the deceased woman. The 32-Year-old was born without Uterus to the world. The surgery lasted a total of about ten hours.

Four months before the transplant were fertilized by In Vitro fertilization of eight eggs, and frozen. These women were employed seven months after the successful transplant. The woman was then pregnant.

In December 2017, the Baby arrived by caesarean section on the world. It weighed 2.5 kilograms. During caesarean section, the TRANS was removed and transplanted uterus. Mother and child were able to leave the hospital three days later.