Vacation is good for your heart – if you do it correctly

A good Argument for a holiday is that he makes the stress of everyday life forget, and this is probably a positive impact on healthcare. People who make frequent vacation, to feel more comfortable and suffer less from Stress, depression, and diseases of the cardiovascular system. But there are a few things to consider so that the Shutdown succeeds.

Again and again reference is made to a study from the year 2000, in the nine years of middle-aged men were investigated. She came to the conclusion that those who had made more holidays, to die, less likely to diseases of the cardiovascular system such as heart attacks,. Other surveys and studies have brought on holiday with less depression, less Stress and a better overall well-being in connection.

Prof. Dr. Anand Rohatgi, a cardiologist at UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, USA, holds the obvious: "People who make less vacation, are usually more stressed and have more health problems. If you don’t take the time for recovery, you may be more prone to injury, inflammation, and disease." He advises, in particular, patients with heart problems, reduce Stress and give themselves a break.

"Stress can increase blood pressure and pulse or heart rhythm disorders führen", Rohatgi said. "There are clear cardiovascular effects through the reduction of Stress. You must do this to some extent every day, but holiday is a good opportunity to pull the plug completely from the socket." Who makes the holiday still a lot of phone calls and E-Mails, prevent shut-Off.

Also, the food and the activities on vacation are relevant: long walks in the fresh air, have more positive than an all-inclusive cruise. Andrea D’ambrosio, a nutritionist from Ontario, gives the following advice: "It is best to make the holiday so that it corresponds to the normal eating habits." But she also advises to enjoy it, "If you go to Italy, enjoy the Pasta and the wine." Nevertheless, it needs to measure and, above all, on the liquid calories in alcohol and soft drinks pay attention to.


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