The uncertainty as to E-cigarettes is growing

The debate around E-cigarettes in the United States is getting worse. Now scientists have discovered a potentially cancer-causing flavoring “in concern of high concentration”. The substance called pulegone in products with mint and menthol taste has been detected, report the researchers from the Duke University in the journal “Jama Internal Medicine”.

In the USA, pulegone, which is included in the Menthol Oil has been banned in the past year, as a flavor additive in foods. For E-cigarettes and chewing tobacco, the chemical is not regulated, however, the researchers report.

For their study, they analyzed several brands of Menthol cigarettes, three E-cigarette brands and a Kauatabak brand, containing all of the pulegone. In the case of the E-cigarettes, the concentration of the substance up to 1000 times higher than the conventional Menthol cigarettes, this exceeded the threshold value.

Whether and if so to what extent, these substances are also in products on the German market, was not clear, said Michal Dobrajc by the Association of the e-cigarette trade. “As an industry Association, it is not possible for us to get a detailed insight into the composition of the various Liquids, because the individual formulations, the manufacturer is subject to the trade secret.” The Association members would be asked but to.

US health authorities: emergency team convened

The news comes at a time in the in the U.S. anyway, a debate about E-cigarettes is raging. Nearly 400 people have developed after the use of E-cigarettes severe lung problems, six have died. The Affected after the consumption of cough, shortness of breath and eventually have to be artificially ventilated.

It is still unclear how the diseases can explain and what could have triggered. As a possible cause of Vitamin-E-acetate, an Oil is obtained from Vitamin E, and in Germany, not in e-Liquids for E-cigarettes contain the may. In addition, many Affected THC consumed-containing Liquids, which are prohibited in Germany as well. The US-health authorities CDC have established an emergency center to coordinate the resolution of the cases.

Added to this is a completely different Problem. With your flavors, the taste of the fruits, chewing gum, or Popcorn, for example, are E-cigarettes among adolescents in the United States extremely popular. Critics speak of a youth epidemic, which has led to hundreds of thousands of nicotine, and depending on made. The lung diseases especially young people are affected.

US President, Donald Trump had announced last week to ban fancy flavors for E-cigarettes. He described the use of E-cigarettes as a “big Problem”. The New York Governor Andrew Cuomo went a step further, he wants to ban flavored E-cigarettes are fast-tracked. Except for products with tobacco and menthol taste to be.

Warning against panic-mongering in Germany

Nevertheless, experts warn, with a view to a panic. “According to current Study, E-cigarettes are significantly less harmful than traditional cigarettes,” says Ute Mons from the German cancer research center (DKFZ).

Similar to Daniel Kotz, Professor for addiction research at the Institute for General medicine of the University of Düsseldorf sees it. “I don’t advise you to fill the device with any stuff that you get on the Internet. Not even with a hair dryer in the bathtub,” he says. When used properly, electronic cigarettes will not be but long as harmful as tobacco cigarettes.

In the USA, where completely other Liquids are on the market, the recommendations of drastic. As long as it’s not clear what the diseases are due, call the authorities to the consumption set. Who wants to VAPE anyway, you should buy according to the CDC, no Liquids on the road, no Oils to marijuana-based consume and its purchased e-Liquids not self-modify.